Best Treatments To Rejuvenate The Skin

To counteract the damage caused by pollution, sun exposure or poor diet, among others, the cosmetics industry has created a large number of skin care products that can help regenerate and rejuvenate it. Did you know that from the age of 30 the skin begins to lose its firmness and elasticity and since the age of 40 years, there has been a loss of volume on the face? Add to that all the aggression to which the skin of the face, neck, and neckline is exposed, such as exposure to the Sun, an excess of cigarettes and alcohol, and even make-up. All this causes our skin to age prematurely making it look dehydrated, flaccid, stained and with marked lines of expression. So do not wait to correct when it can be prevented, the daily use of sunscreen is vital to take care of the skin, remove makeup and impurities at night is also essential, this accompanied by a good diet and beauty routines.


CO2 laser

Skin Rejuvenation Burlington helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars and reduces the size of pores. The results are visible from the first session, seeing the changes in a progressive way. The laser sends heat waves to the most superficial layer of the skin, activating the dermal cells which cause stimulation in the collagen and elastic fibers, responsible for keeping the skin firm and elastic. Although it is a non-invasive treatment, the skin may become red so it requires some care such as avoiding exposure to the sun.

Tensioning wires

This treatment immediately improves the sagging of the face, stimulates the production of collagen in a progressive manner, which gives a natural result. VI Peel Burlington helps you to care about your cheeks, eyebrows, neck, and jaw. It is a minimally invasive treatment, the specialist inserts fine polydioxanone threads inside the skin forming a mesh that supports the tissues, and this substance is reabsorbed by the body, so it does not produce allergies. Depending on the patient, the results can last from 1 to 2 years; its tensor effect is immediate.

Facial radio frequency

It is a non-invasive treatment that reduces the flaccidity of the skin and wrinkles in a natural and progressive way stimulating the production of the fibers in the areas to be treated. The area around the eyes, eyelids, cheekbones, and neck can be treated. Through radio frequency, the skin layers are heated to the deepest layer, stimulating the collagen and elastic fibers and the production of hyaluronic acid, the effects are immediate and the results are long-lasting.

Facial Fillers

Laser Genesis Burlington helps you to correct marked lines of expression and wrinkles, replenish lost volume and project specific areas such as cheeks or lips. For the application of the treatment, local anesthesia is required. The substances used for facial fillers are commonly hyaluronic acid, polycaprolactone. Polylactic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite. These fillers are biocompatible and immunogenic, low-density substances are used to revitalize the skin and high-density substances are used to recover lost volume and fill deep wrinkles.

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